Friday, June 11, 2010

Here's the "in"....Innobaby!!

One thing that I just love about SIMPLE is meeting some of the greatest companies with great products! Here is YET another example of my findings!

This is for all you parents and caregivers out there. Have you ever been stuck in a position with a hungry child and nothing to feed them? That happened to me ONCE...and that was the last time. Not only was it miserable for me, but completely miserable for my child and all the other people around. Ugh! My problem was I didn't have anything to carry the food in that I liked.

Packin' SMART Stackable Snack Containers are THE answer! Head on over, take a look around and you will see what I am talking about. These items are all GREAT quality as well as a genious, simple design! Not only do I love these products, but check out some of the other people that do too by clicking HERE!

I have tried many, many items for food storage "on the go". Nothing compares to Innobaby! I LOVE their items!!

The possibilities are endless with these stacking containers! Formula, cheerios, fruit snacks, etc.

When it is full, it can be used as a musical instrument as well!! Ha Ha!

When we were using our stacker I was with some friends and one of my girlfriends just had to know what I was using. I told her, she bought one and I LOVING it! So, it's not just me.

Does this image just make me smile, or does it make you smile too. This just screams SUCCESS to me when I have a hungry child!GET YOUR OWN! Summer is just around the corner, which means you will probably be running from the park to the zoo and play day to play day. You NEED one (or more) of these!!! :) Plus, Innobaby has given all our awesome SIMPLE readers a 10% discount on their purchase! Just enter SIMPLE10 at checkout. This code will be valid from 6/15 to 8/15!
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*I was provided with the Packin' Smart Containers free of charge from Innobaby.*

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  1. This looks like a great thing to have. My son would want to eat all the snacks at once.


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