Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting down with Kung Zhu! It's new!

You may have seen the commercials or heard the buzz about the new line which evolved from Zhu Zhu pets. It's time to "dust off your armor" and join in on the fun! Kung Zhu was launched recently and boy has it exceed my expectations over here! We were completely spoiled by those from Kung Zhu clan!! They sent me a HUMONGOUS box full of the entire new line. Seriously, look at all this...we were totally spoiled!
"This clan of stealthy ninja hamsters were raised together and taught the secret, stealthy art of making days brighter. The special forces Kung Zhu team will go to ever length to complete their special task of keeping the Zhu-niverse safe and happy."

I hosted a party and set up the whole set (which only took about an hour). May seem like a long time, but check these pictures out....all this ONLY took an hour to set up! I didn't think that was too bad. I had 6 of my girlfriends over and all their kids. There were 8 kids in all that came to play with all this. It was an absolute riot. From the second the kids walked into the house, their eyes were glued on everything. Also, the fun part was Kung Zhu sent us enough hamsters for all the kids to bring one home!
Here is a commercial to so you can see a live representation of this new line:

Last but not least, here is a little more information about these cute critter warriors:
"While the Kung Zhu hamsters may start off as "cute" and "mild-mannered" once they are sent into their training grounds, smart chip technology will actually allow you to hear a distinct personality transformation of fighting ninja warriors". This is actually pretty funny! The kids got a kick out of this!

GET YOUR OWN!! After reading about this, you are probably wondering where you can get your own now! There are so many places! You can start at your local toy store. But if you want to know for sure, click on the Where to Purchase area on the Kung Zhu site!

I was provided with everything pictured above from Zhu Zhu Pe
ts and MomSelect free of charge.*
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