Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Karen Neuburger

Let's talk pajamas today.  What kind of girl are you?

Do you wear an old ratty t-shirt to bed?  Sexy lace lingerie?  Flannels?  Or maybe nothing at all? *snicker*.

Since I have three little kids, it feels like I'm always up throughout the night.  Whether I'm comforting a little one during a thunderstorm, helping someone use the potty at midnight, or nursing my youngest; I feel like I'm up all night long.

Recently, I was introduced to Karen Neuburger sleepwear.  I had heard about them before, seen them in the department stores, but had never had the opportunity to try them.  Well... that's not entirely true.  I was given as a gift during my first pregnancy of a pair of their gripper socks ($15), and takemybreathaway those things are awesome.  Get a pair.  Now.

OK, The past few weeks I've been sleeping in a pair of the Beachcomber Short Sleeved ($68) pajamas from Karen Neubergers newest line, KN Collections.  I love them because they are super comfortable and feel amazingly soft aginst my skin.  Additionally, they are perfect for the hot summer months, because the brilliant material totally keep me cool even on the hottest of nights.

Pregnant?  Breastfeeding?  They have a pajama for that too.

The KN Collection takes comfort and style pretty seriously, and I appreciate that.

GET IT YOURSELF!  Visit Karen Neuburger to see the whole KN Collection.



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