Thursday, July 22, 2010

Up & Up Diapers from Target

I'm not gonna lie - I refused to use anything but Pampers diapers for my first child. But then 19 months later, my second child came along and all of a sudden I had 2 kids in diapers. If I had stuck with Pampers, I was looking at spending roughly $100 a month on diapers! Eeeek!

So began my quest for a less expensive diaper that didn't leak and didn't irritate my babies' sensitive skin. I tried several different store brands, and I have to say that Up & Up diapers from Target are my favorite. They are comfy and cozy, yet tough on leaks!

Both my children have very different body shapes, yet Up & Up diapers fit them both. My older one (who is now OUT of diapers, yay!) is tall and thin, and my little guy has a little more "girth" on him. :) But they were both able to wear Up & UP diapers without leaks.

The best part? THE PRICE! My son wears a size 4, and I like to buy the value size box, which comes with 82 diapers. That's right around 16 cents per diaper, which is a great price! When both my boys were in diapers, usually 2 of those boxes got us through one month, which cost less than $30. MUCH better than $100!!

GET YOUR OWN!! Purchase Up & Up diapers at any Target store, or at


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  1. I have to say, I love these diapers as well


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