Wednesday, September 8, 2010

La Conchita Naturals

You all know how much I love natural products.

Well add "La Conchita" to your favorite list on ETSY.

She offers a wide variety of natural beauty items...

I got the chance to test out many of her products.

I would have to say my favorite has been her natural perfumes. I am not much for 'perfume' or lotions with much scent... but the scents of her perfume to me just smell beautiful. I dash just a bit on my wrist and neck. Its just enough to give your husband that little "hmmm.... " in his tune :-)

I also really enjoyed her dry facial wash. It worked great to use when my skin felt like it had build up.

GET YOUR OWN: May it be a perfume, a soap or even lip gloss, La Conchita has it all. Her prices are great and her products even better. Have fun shopping!! and check out her "sample" line so you can try it all.

dreasimplesignature copyDisclosure: La Conchita provided me with samples to test and showcase on SIMPLE.


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