Thursday, October 21, 2010

Princess Kai-Lan DVD!

Anything princess is welcome in our house! When I received Princess Kai-Lan from Nickelodeon, my Lili opened the package right up and brought it over to me to watch. It really is pretty cute. AND, it isn't just one episode/movie. There are a few different episodes on here. So, for quiet time that day we put this DVD in and both sat and watched it. I must admit, I do love having girls. All the frilly, girlie things are just so much fun!

Here is a little about this DVD:

"Kai-lan, Rintoo, Tolee and Hoho are playing in the backyard when they get a visit from their superhero friend, the Monkey King, who really needs their help. Will Kai-lan and her friends go on an adventure with the Monkey King and see what they can do? Of course they will! The Monkey King gives them robes to wear that give them special powers to float, jump, and spin in the air! They'll have to use their special powers - and the viewer's help - to leap over bamboo forests, travel past a moat of giant bubbles, and find their way into the majestic palaces."

I love watching Lili play along with the DVD, she will watch it and then get up and jump around and imitate what they are doing on the show. Also, they are always saying new words in different languages. She copies and practices that too and personally, I think that is adorable!

GET YOUR OWN!! This movie is now available for purchase, it was released October 5th. You can get this anywhere you now buy your movies or you can get it from HERE!
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*I was provided with the DVD mentioned in this review free of charge.*


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