Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grooving along with Joovy!

When I was contacted to review the new Cocoon x2 from Joovy - I was ecstatic! I am always looking for a superb stroller to cart my girls around. We don't sit still EVER so, having a stroller that can keep up is a must! Lili is not in the stroller much anymore, she is pretty independent, but this Cocoon x2 calls her name when I have it out! I find her riding in it more, playing alongside her sister. When both my girls are in the stroller, I find there is plenty of room. It looks very comfy too!

Not only does is look fantastic, but it works GREAT! The front wheels swivel around making it VERY easy to squeeze through those tight quarters in the store (and I have to add without having to pick up the stroller or moving racks of clothes)! The maneuverability is outstanding and the ride is so smooth...and I'm not just telling stories here. If you are looking to invest into a stroller that you will love and will work for SO many things in your life, this is a fabulous choice!

This stroller is great for year-round use. "Entry is through the zippered door that has a cool mesh window for great ventilation and a vinyl window for when the weather is less cooperative. The kids love the two huge windows on either side that allow incredible visibility and views." There is even a storage area in the back of the stroller for all your essentials as well as dual rear parking brakes.

Here are some additional features the Cocoon x2 has to offer:
  • Great for "Four-season" fun
  • Top Quality-heavy Duty Construction (but moves along great and is not super heavy and bulky)
  • Converts from a Stroller to a Bike trailer
  • Large Easy Access Storage area
  • Compact Fold
The last - and one of the most important in my opinion - things I wanted to mention was the transferability in outdoor activities. I am a big outdoors person. I love to go for walks with the kids, take them for a job as well as take them on bike rides to the park. This stroller can do all this!

"Like" Joovy on Facebook and be the first to hear about promotions as well as new products! There is actually a Warehouse Sale going on November 12th and 13th if you live in the Irvine, California area! AND...on Facebook under the Sweepstakes tab, be sure to come back often. They run promotions for free product! :) They also have a Joovy twitter account - so as you are in the social media world, head over there and follow them too!

GET YOUR OWN!! You can purchase your own Joovy Cocoon x2 for $549.99 and you get free shipping in the US. They also offer the Cocoon too! If you are looking to invest into a stroller that will stand the test of time, you should start with Joovy! This stroller can not be compared to your everyday umbrella stroller - it far exceeds what the average stroller can do!
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*I was sent from Joovy the Cocoon x2 for review purposes free of charge to conduct this review. What was wrote above is my own personal testimony!*


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