Friday, November 19, 2010

Less mess with simplehuman

A sensor pump to wash your hands. Really? I didn't think I needed one until I received this one to review. Awesome! Before I had this I remember going over to wash my hand and my hands were dirty and I didn't want to get it all over my cute soap container. So, I would try to pump the soap with the back of my hand. It never failed, the soap container would go flying! Problem solved with this new Sensor Pump from simplehuman!

It is very simple to use as well! You simply fill it up with your desired soap (or hand sanitizer/lotion for that matter). You are able to adjust the amount of product that will flow out - and a little green light will go off and on when it is ready to dispense soap again. Great for those times that I want to get a little extra soap on my hands after a big cooking adventure! :)

"Our new, improved sensor pump design features easy-access volume control buttons on the top, and an innovative, re-engineered valve to make it compatible with a wider range of soaps, sanitizers and lotions. It's our popular, touch-free sensor pump — with improved performance and convenience."

Perfect for the cold and fly season which is upon us!

GET YOUR OWN!! You can get your own Sensor Pump for $39.99 from simplehuman. With any order over $25, they include free shipping! You can also find this on Amazon too!
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*I was provided with the sensor pump from simplehuman free of charge to conduct this review.*

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