Saturday, November 27, 2010

Protecting Your Investment with OtterBox

About 3 years ago my husband and I got our first iPhones.  I loved my new multi-purpose gadget and decided that I would use a case to protect it from my inevitable clumsiness.  Six months later with at least 4 cases lying destroyed in the trash I decided gave up on protecting my investment (and let's face it, most phones these days are an investment).  The payment for this decision was that for its last year of life my phone was held together with invisible tape and super glue.

When we decided to get new phones a couple months back I was a little worried.  Then I was introduced to OtterBox and I started to think there may be a phone case out there that lived up to my expectations.  My expectations have been exceeded and I just LOVE my new phone case from OtterBox!

For 2 months my pretty OtterBox iPhone 3G/3GS Defender Series Case (pictured left) has managed to withstand the tests of durability that two toddlers and their sometimes clumsy momma have thrown at it and still doesn't have a scratch on it!  With three levels of protection this OtterBox iPhone 3G/3GS Defender Series Case has become a frequent recommendation for anyone I know who works outdoors, in construction, or has small children.

I did have one problem with my phone and the screen protector sticking and creating a "oil slick" effect.  I emailed OtterBox's customer service and promptly got a response directing me to view a tutorial YouTube video as a possible fix for the issue and to contact them back if needed.  The fix worked and I was kicking myself for not having asked them how to fix that issue sooner. :)

GET YOUR OWN: Visit OtterBox to find durable cases to help you protect your investments, including phone cases, waterproof cases and even iPad cases!  You can also view the details here for the sale that OtterBox is having through Monday (11/29/10).

CARINNSIMPLESIGNATURE copy*In order to conduct this review I was provided with the above mentioned OtterBox phone case for free. The opinions provided are my own.


  1. The defender was overkill for us, but we have the next step down and they're great. A little pricey, but holding up quite well. DH says all the military guys use them!

  2. I have the otterbox that you show in the pic and I LOVE it! I'm happy my expensive phone is protected so well!


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