Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beantown Handmade, it's for the dogs.

This is Vinny.
Or more affectionately called "Binstick" (for Vincent) by my three year old.

 Vinny loves to do all sort of doggy things.  Like ride in the car, go on walks, play with his chuck-it in the backyard.  Unfortunately for Vinny, he lives in Michigan, where it's freezing out, and snows a lot. Vinny used to shiver. 

A few weeks ago.  Binstick got a sweater.  I know what you're thinking. Oh no you didn't just buy your dog clothes.

I too was a dog sweater skeptic.  Until I was introduced to Beantown Handmade.  And yes, while dogs wearing clothes will forever make me laugh, Beantown Handmade are hands down to coolest.  Honestly, look how handsome Binstick looks in his custom coat:

 My first thought was, I need a matching scarf, for myself, right?

Beantown Handmade has lots of other cool gear for the pooches.  I also love (and giggle at) their selection of scarfs and hats, as well as pet portraits.

Binstick has already asked for a second sweater.  Next up?  He wants to be beanzilla, and I don't blame him one bit.

You can also keep up with Beantown by following them on Twitter, as well as on Facebook. Trust me, if you're going to put your pup in a sweater, make it from Beantown Handmade.  Seriously cool.

GET YOUR OWN! Beantown Handmade can be purchased online from their Etsy shop. A portion of every purchase goes to animal rescue organizations all over the country. How cool is that?



  1. Such a good looking Binstick! Also a very cool sweater!



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