Thursday, December 16, 2010

DadGear - Great Diaper Bags For Dads

I don't know about you, but my husband and I do NOT see eye to eye when it comes to the whole diaper bag situation. For example, I am just NOT organized when it comes to my bags. (and yes, I just said bagS, plural.) I have like 4 different bags that I move stuff around to and from and each one serves a different purpose depending on where we're going. And, of course, like most diaper bags, they are all more suitable for a woman to carry. Everything about my diaper bag "system", if you will, annoys my husband to no end.

Well we have found a solution to all our diaper bag issues without having to go through extensive therapy. DadGear - its the remedy your man is looking for, trust me. No more tossing your pink paisley bag over his shoulder while getting sympathetic looks from the other dads out there. With a DadGear bag, your man is going to be the cool dad. It may just encourage him to take the kids out on his own to show off his style while YOU take a nap...maybe??

We've got the green stripe backpack, and my husband is smitten. He LOVES having his very own bag all ready to go when he takes the kids out. Its got about a million compartments to keep things organized. The padded shoulder straps make this very comfortable to carry, but it also has integrated straps to easily hang it from the back of a stroller.

Our favorite features of this bag? The easy access "window" you pull open to get to the Patented Quick Access Wipes Case. With two toddlers, I think we reach for a wipe about every 2.2 seconds. We also love the diaper hammock that keeps the diapers at the top of the backpack. The last thing a man (or really anyone) wants to do when changing a diaper is dig into the depths of a bag while fighting a squirmy kid.

If you're looking for a rockin' diaper bag for your man, look no further than DadGear. You'll find a plethora of styles including backpacks, messengers, couriers and more. With their style and functionality, these bags will last through the diapering years and beyond.

GET YOUR OWN!! Visit to purchase any of their items. The Green Stripe Backpack pictured above sells for $90.00.

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