Friday, December 10, 2010

Muks, Muks and More Muks!

Save up your Christmas money ladies, have I got something to show you! Have you heard of Muks or Mukluks? Well now you have and you can thank me later! :) The moment the box arrived, my anticipation to see what was inside soared through the roof. I opened the box and this is what I saw...I am still SO excited, can you tell!?!? I wasn't planning on leaving my house the day these arrived, but I quickly changed my mind because I had to wear them! I am not joking, everywhere we go, someone comments on my boots and asks what brand they are and where can they get a pair. Tonight when I was out, I had 5 people ask me the same question. I wanted to count because I wanted to share with you all! :0

Muks have a lot of different styles if the ones above don't fit your fancy. I want more after having the pair I own now! Here are a few others:
muks image 3muks image 4muks image 1muks image 2

Here is a little bit about the Muk Story taken from their Facebook page if you are interested in reading more about them:

Traditionally worn for hunting in the snow, Canadian Aboriginals have been enjoying the warmth and comfort of Mukluk boots for hundreds of years. The unique bead designs and colours of Mukluks represent different tribes including Cree, Ojibiwa, Sioux and Dene, while the materials – natural skins and furs – were often used in traditional dress. Luxury products, Traditionally inspired. Now you can enjoy the combination of authentic traditional design and effortless style that makes Muks so special. All our boots are made in Canada. Every pair of Muks is unique and individually crafted to the highest quality and using the finest materials. Muks provide the ultimate in comfort and style. Fur and suede is an environment- friendly choice: natural, biodegradable and renewable. Our crepe sole derived form the rubber tree is also 100% natural. All of Muks fur is responsibly sourced as a by-product from an existing manufacturing process.

The area above highlighted in bold was super important to me! And let me talk to you about comfort. WOW! If I am going to be investing into a pair of high quality and super fashionable boots, I want to know that I am getting my money's worth.

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shannonsignature copy*I was given a pair of the Charcoal Grey Studded Original Mukluk Boots pictured above from Muks free of charge in order to conduct this review.*

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  1. Thanks for the coupon! They look awesome and so comfy!! Heading over right now to check them out :)


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