Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Real Tooth Fairies

The Real Tooth Fairies is a place where love is magic, and every kindness counts, and how it can offer children, not only a foundational experience with their own personal tooth fairy but also tools for effective character building and shared values.

Even tho my daughter is not of age to do this yet, and my son probably would not be interested, I still wanted to check it out and share it with our readers. I will definately be using it with my daughter when she is able.
A Peek Inside the Books! The book series allows girls to get to know The Real Tooth Fairies and the rich, magical world in which they live. Each book sends a positive message telling girls to believe in themselves and make the kind choice. Which is huge for girls these days.

Play on The Real Tooth Fairies Website! Girls will not only be able to create their own personal avatar, but she’ll be granted the opportunity to meet her Real Tooth Fairy and explore the expansive magical world of Real Fairyland! By taking the Royal Quiz, your girl will be matched to her own fairy based on her interests, allowing her to connect on a more intimate level with the actual face and name behind her tooth fairy. There are so many fun activities that she and her tooth fairy will be able to do together – from touring Real Fairyland, decorating her very own hotel suite in the Royal High Towers or even singing and dancing to magic music videos by the Real Tooth Fairies!

Magic Letters! The Real Tooth Fairies write personalized letters for Earthie Grils, called Magic Letters. Your girl can ask for a magic letter from her Real Tooth Fairy for any occasion – everything from a lost tooth to a sports achievements or even a tough day at school. Magic letters are a great catalyst for mom and daughter bonding!

Every Kindness Counts Program! Whether its setting the dinner table or being nice to her sibling, this program encourages your daughter to become a hero for kindness because every kindness she does helps make the Earths Glow Score go up by 1. She can get kindness kits (with ribbons and charms) and go online to track and record how many kindnesses she’s done and what level she is at. Girls will glow with each Kindness Ticket they earn and inspire those around her to do the same.

The Real Tooth Fairies is a very exciting and magical world for your daughter. She will be excited to be matched up with a Fairy that is most like her. I explored the website quite a bit and foudn many interactive game and activities for your child to do. Your child can get excited about finding letters from their fairy, while parents can keep track of the lost teeth.

The books will create great family time and activities will encourage kindness and both of these are things that I find very beneficial with the REAL TOOTH FAIRIES!

GET YOUR OWN!! The Real Tooth Fairies was released in October 2010.

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To enter go and meet The Real Tooth Fairies and tell me who your favorite is.

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WINNER will be randomly selected and announced on December 20, 2010. Good luck!!!
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*I was provided with The Real Tooth Fairies Pack free of charge to conduct this review*


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