Monday, January 10, 2011

Going to the Doctor is fun with Yo Gabba Gabba!

Isn't it crazy how many kids are afraid of going to the doctor? I think there are many reasons for this, but what can you do? For most people, going to the doctor is part of the process in getting better. This DVD may help alleviate a little tension your kids may be having about going to the doctor.

Is that a sniffle? Have a dose of fun medicine and get ready to dance and sing with the all-new DVD release Yo Gabba Gabba: Let’s Visit the Doctor! Nickelodeon is releasing tomorrow their newest edition to the Yo Gabba Gabba line, Let's Visit the Doctor! If your kids like the Yo Gabba Gabba television show on Nickelodeon, they will love this! It's just like the show, but longer! Perfect for those days when you have to get some things done and need your kids entertained.

Here is a little more about the episodes on this DVD:

Join Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee and Plex for four fun episodes that deal with all-too-common illnesses.

Toodee gets sick and needs to rest. The doctor visits and everyone helps Toodee feel better.

Muno has a loose tooth and wiggles it until it comes out, then writes a note and the Tooth Fairy brings him a toothbrush. With only one tooth Muno looks strange, but in the end it starts to grow back.

Everyone learns good clean manners when they play with toys and have to clean them up. Afterwards, they learn to wash their hands and brush their teeth. At the end, they all sing a fun bath time song playing with bath toys.

It’s time to go for a ride in a car! “Keep Trying” familiarizes them with the seat belt and encourages them to buckle up. “Danger” keeps the characters from playing in the road and “Car Ride” teaches them all about the thrill of traveling.

GET YOUR OWN! You can get your own tomorrow in stores! It is being released on January 11, 2011. You can get your own copy where you currently buy your DVD's or you can find a copy HERE and have it shipped right to you!

shannonsignature copy*I was provided with a copy of You Gabba Gabba: Let's Visit the Doctor! free of charge in order to give my unbiased opinion and to conduct this review. What was written above is my opinion!*


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