Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Dance 2!

Riddle me this.  What do you get, when you combine:

15 female bloggers (away from their husbands and children)

1 Friday night

copious amounts of cajun creole food

a wide open living room with the furniture pushed back

1 gigantic flat screen TV

 1 copy of the brand new Just Dance 2 wii game by UbiSoft?
      You get a whole lot of silly (and slightly competitive) fun.

    You guys, video games are not just for kids and dudes anymore. Us ladies, we had the best time EVER! (if you can't tell from the video)

    • 44 different songs and dance routines to choose from.
    • Easy enough that you can play with your kids and rhythm challenged friends.
    • Tough enough that it's a workout in disguise.
    • Scores can be kept, so can bragging rights.
    • Multiple players and multiple modes for maximum dance party fun.

    Our girls night in dance party was held right before christmas. I know at least 3 of us asked for (and received) the game for the holidays!

    And yes, the plans are in the works for another night of Just Dance 2! Who wants an invite?

    GET IT YOURSELF! Just Dance by UbiSoft (retail: $39.99) can be purchase anywhere video games are sold. Or, pick yourself up a copy on Amazon!

    *A special thanks goes out to UbiSoft, Clever Girls Collective, and Yats for making this special night happen. As always, I'm blogging with integrity.



    1. I am definitely going to need an invite! Girl's night in with exercise in disguise? Yes, please!

    2. Oh we LOVE this at our house!! :)

    3. As soon as I started reading this post I was giggling. It looks like your Girl's Night was tons of fun! :)

    4. I'm going to have to start asking for royalties on that video! ;)

      This girls night was the best!

    5. Count me as another one who got the game for Christmas after our fun evening!


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