Thursday, January 6, 2011

Taming the Mane with Sweaty Bands

I have a lot of very thick, fine textured hair.  For years it has been impossible for me to keep headbands on and those flyaways tamed, this is especially impossible while exercising. Until I found Sweaty Bands.

Sweaty Bands really are the most ingenious headband that I've ever used and they really do actually stay put!  I have worn my Sweaty Band all day through house cleaning, picking up kids, running up & down stairs and haven't had to readjust it even once!!!  Plus, they're totally cute!

Here's a brief description of what makes Sweaty Bands so special: 

Its simple design is lightweight, but provides heavy duty hold.  Made up of hundreds of different prints backed with velvet lining, Sweaty Bands grip and hold your hair all without slipping or causing breakage.  In addition to being a must have fashion accessory, Sweaty Bands are essential for workouts. They soak up sweat without dripping and keep those wispy little hairs out of your face.

To the left is a picture of Donna.  Donna is the awesome mom of 3 who came up with the idea for Sweaty Bands.  Notice how her hair is pulled back so nicely?  That's a Sweaty Band at work.  :)

I also have to quickly mention Sweaty Bandits.  These are the same awesome Sweaty Band product, just for smaller heads.  Perfect for my 3 year old who I repeatedly find wearing my Sweaty Bands or even if you're an adult with a petite head.

Sweaty Bands come in two different sizes, Thick Bands (1 1/2 inch wide) and Skinny Bands (5/8 - 1 inch wide).  Pictured to the right are the Sweaty Inferno - Cream & Royal Blue Thick Band and the Reflective Runner - Orange & Silver Skinny Band that I have been using. The Silver part of the Reflective Runner band really is reflective and will be perfect for running outdoors (once the ice is gone here in frozen Michigan). 

GET YOUR OWN!!!  Visit the Sweaty Bands online shop to pick out your favorite Sweaty Bands.  You can even pick up their 6 Pack of the Month and save 15% off the retail price all while getting your Sweaty Bands collection started!

*I was provided with the Sweaty Bands pictured above free of charge to conduct this review. The opinions provided are my own.a


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