Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pick & Draw - creating artist!

As a home schooling mom - I am always looking for things to keep my little ones busy - and engaged. Until recently my son Caleb has had NO INTEREST in art... all of a sudden however, he has begun to create and draw on his own. As a huge art fan myself, I was so excited to see this.

So when I came across "Pick and Draw" - I had to email the artist behind this awesome game.

During nap time in our house Caleb has 2 hours while his younger brothers nap and during that time this is the perfect activity to burn some time.


"Pick and Draw is a fun, one-of-a-kind drawing game that teaches you how to make very creative cartoon faces." - it has 1,000's of different faces you can create with the game - and encourages creativity & learning.

GET YOUR OWN: For the cost of only $10 you can invest in a great product, from a wonderful artist. If you have children who love to create and draw - or would like to encourage art in your kids - this is the perfect place to start. I even enjoyed it!

WIN YOUR OWN: Want to win a deck? 

Entry 1: The creator of this game asked me to do, what I think is a very fun "entry" - that you or your child can do. Go to the "Pick & Draw" website - and play the game yourself (online!) - draw your own character (or have your child draw it) - and then comment here telling me the name you decided on for your character. :) - if your extra cool you will take a picture of your drawing and blog it haha - but im not expecting that. It would be fun to see though.

Entry 2: If you are in a rush and don't have time to play right now, thats ok.. you can enter this giveaway by simply subscribing to Rich's blog that has step by step drawings for children (I actually used one of his drawings recently on a school project). Just comment letting me know you subscribed.

Giveaway Ends 2/23/11

dreasimplesignature copy

I was sent a deck of the "Pick and Draw" cards to showcase and review on SIMPLE. These thoughts are my own.


  1. My character's name was "Mr Burns" (he looked like the character from the Simpsons!) :P

    melissaroach (at) comcast (dot) net

  2. Pauly (he looks like he's from Jersey!) This was fun!

    sboltjes at hotmail dot com

  3. My 2 year old named him (yes, it was a him most definitely) Arnold... after the small pig in Kipper, I assume (since that's his favorite show and the only place he's ever heard the name before!)... I guess my cartoon did look kind of piggish. ;)

    mjbc07 at yahoo dot com

  4. What a fun game! We ended up with "Mr. Silly" ;)

  5. What a great idea and blog! I have subscribed!

  6. I named mine Larry :) my daughter would *love* this game!

  7. I signed up at Rich's site. Would love to win these for my "MiMi Box"--to entertain my grandchildren---and other children who come for a visit. (I'll bet my big guys would have fun with them also!)
    Thanks for letting me enter!

  8. Mine is named Lulu. Not sure why just looks like a Lulu

  9. What a cool game!! looks so fun.
    I subscribed to Rich's blog!

  10. I love this site! My kids only gave me a few minutes to play the game before they took over the computer...that's a great sign! They decided on Ned, who is really good at smelling...I'm not sure if that means he has a great nose or he stinks...HA!

    runtskin @

  11. We decided on "Adunda".
    susaaan at gmail dot com

  12. I named mine Crazy Chicken Charlie. I made a V nose & the eyes looked crazy so ended up looking a little like a crazy chicken.


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