Monday, March 21, 2011

Simple Help - Japan!

Most of us can't fathom the devastation Japan has experienced following the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. At SIMPLE, our thoughts immediately went to the mothers impacted by this disaster. While we tuck our children into bed at night there are many mothers in Japan without a bed to offer their children, or worse.

We would like to encourage all of our readers to help where you can -- whether through thoughts and prayers or donations for those in need. One company who has already found a way to lend a hand is W+K Studio. They have designed a poster for purchase to aid in the relief effort. All net proceeds from the $25 poster will be donated to the Red Cross*

In a disaster the Red Cross is quick to step in and offer those in need care and hope. Whether it is formula for a hungry infant or shelter for a misplaced family, the Red Cross provides the necessities that many mothers can't offer their family during this trying time.

*The poster was designed independent of the Red Cross -- and donations made through purchases are not tax deductible.

To purchase a poster please visit:

Mothers understand mothers...wherever you live. The moms at SIMPLE send our thoughts and prayers to all the mothers and families impacted by this horrible tragedy.


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