Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who Knew Bamboo Could Be So Soft? {Agoo Leggings}

With two little girly-girls in our hose we love leg warmers.  I'm always on the lookout for cute new colors, designs, etc.  Especially since leggings/leg warmers are one of those accessories that I don't have to retire every 3 months as the kids grow bigger. 

I came across Agoo a couple months back and was impressed with their selection of cute styles and designs.  But what really got me interested is the fact that they make all their leggings from 100% sustainable Bamboo fibers.

Bamboo?  Yep. As it turns out, Bamboo is not only surprisingly soft, it has the same washing directions as all the other leggings/leg warmers that we already had (machine wash & line dry or lay flat). 

Above is my youngest wearing our adorable Retro Bullseye Leg Huggers.  I just love how adorable her little baby chub legs are, but I have to mention that the Agoo leggings didn't work for the "up to the top of her thighs" look (no elastic to let them stretch or hold them there).  However, Agoo leggings are a bit longer than most other legging styles I've purchased before and I think their "one size fits all" will actually fit my girls a lot longer than most other brands out there.

Agoo leggings for only $12 a pair plus shipping, or use the coupon code meetup50 for 50% off any Agoo purchase while supplies last.  Ive already got their Go Go Gecko leggings (left) in my cart to start my order.


*I was provided with a pair of Agoo leggings in order to conduct this review.  The opinions provided are my own.


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