Thursday, April 21, 2011 :: iPhone applications

As a parent with an iPhone I quickly learned the value of adding applications to my phone to entertain the kids.  It has saved me from dealing with toddler meltdowns on more than one occasion where waiting patiently is required.  I'm sure our pediatrician, dentist, and all the people at the grocery store are blissfully unaware of just how unpleasant our time together could have otherwise been.

A few months back I came across's flashcards when looking for some fun new educational apps.  Since then I have added all 24 of their currently available applications to my phone.  When someone with kids asks, "Have you found any good apps?" is always on the top of my list to share.

Because these are not traditional paper flashcards, my 3 year old can learn even when I'm able to directly interact with her.  Each flashcard photo image is accompanied by the written information, but also a voice over with the information. uses an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) method to all their applications.  You can learn more about how this is beneficial to kids learning here.

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, all of's ABA apps will be free for the entire month of April.  You can find all their applications available from iTunes for your iPhone or iPod touch.



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