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I think it's time to add to our team... As you may have noticed we have already added two moms, SarahM and SarahK. Please welcome them! As SIMPLE moms, we love what we do!! We enjoy researching products to let our readers know about before they buy it!! SIMPLE is looking for another mom to help us out... A few requirements first ::
  • You must blog on a regular basis
  • You can not be doing product reviews on your personal blog or elsewhere
  • You must be a mom or mom-to-be
  • You must have the SIMPLE button on your blog at all times in a well seen area to be considered part of SIMPLE
Fill out this brief survey... Copy the following questions below... then paste them into an email. Send the e-mail to[at]gmail[dot]com

1. Why do you want to be a SIMPLE mom?
2. What is your main reason that you blog?
3. Do you have children, if so how many and what age. Pregnant? Due?
4. Do you do reviews on your personal blog currently?
5. Do you work?
6. What type of products are you interested in reviewing?
7. What type of personality do you have? Tell us one thing about your self.
8. Send us a link to your personal blog.
9. What can you bring to SIMPLE?
10. How many followers do you have on your blog currently?
11. Do you have a facebook page for your blog? If so, how many 'LIKE' it?
12. Do you tweet and are you familiar with it? If so, what's your twitter name?
13. What state do you live in? Just curious :)

After answering all of the questions please include a sample review with it in your email. (it can be any product)

Entries will accepted until April 15, 2011, please email before then to be considered as a writer!
Good luck :: Can't wait to read all the entries!

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Ever wonder how to be a simple mom? Here is your chance to find out. You could be our next writer!


  1. I am so excited to send in my info for this!

  2. Sounds great!! Can't wait to read your emails!

  3. I just sent my questionnaire! Can't wait to find out the results! Cheers!

  4. I'm so excited for this! I'm getting excited to know who you are gonna pick!


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