Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BAILEYS :: Non-Alcoholic Coffee Creamers

We have a long standing Christmas holiday tradition in my family. Christmas morning (and ok, probably Thanksgiving morning too) we break out the Baileys and add a little holiday cheer to our cups of joe.

Baileys in my coffee is just another reason I wish every morning was Christmas morning. But you know how it goes, people really start to frown upon mamas sipping alcohol infused coffee in the carpool line. Right? I kid, I kid...

Today, I am here to proclaim the good news to all of you out there that love your Baileys and want to have it every day.

Baileys has just launched non-alcoholic coffee creamers! Are you as excited as I am?

Flavors include: French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Carmel, Creme Brulee, Toffee Almond Cream, Irish Cream and Chocolate.

I recently got to try a few bottles, and they are so very awesome! I've tried a few different brands of creamers in the past, but I honestly think the Baileys flavors are superior. The flavors tasted very authentic, and the consistency was very smooth and creamy.

The detail: Each creamer is around 40 calories a serving (1 Tablespoon). They contain no gluten, caffeine, and are lactose free. Suggested retail price is $2.49/pint and $3.99/quart.

Not a coffee drinker? That's ok, there are so many different ways to use Baileys Creamers. How about putting it in a peach tart? Or maybe chocolate cupcakes with creamy filling? Or my favorite, Vanilla Mousse.

No matter how you use your Baileys Coffee Creamer, you can't go wrong. You will love it.

*I received product to facilitate this review and promotion.*


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