Friday, May 13, 2011

{ issues and how they affected SIMPLE }

Hey all!

I know many of you were probably disturbed and/or affected by the recent "outages" due to maintenance. Well, you weren't alone. There were many people having these same thoughts and challenges.

Since SIMPLE was out for about 24 hours, we have extended some of the giveaways to Sunday. Winners will be picked on Sunday for the giveaways set to end yesterday and on. You can see those in our giveaway section.

Second, the comments left yesterday on ALL the giveaways were unfortunately erased by the maintenance as well. We are SO sorry but unfortunately can't do anything about it. Blogger says all will be restored, but to what time frame that we don't know. So....PLEASE comment again with your entries into our giveaways. If for some reason the comments do show back up (which will make your entries doubled), that's ok. We want it to be fair! ;)

We love you all and couldn't be "SIMPLE" without you.

We are working hard on getting some more fabulous products to review and, more importantly, GIVEAWAYS!! :)

Happy Friday the 13th and have a GREAT weekend!! :)

P.S. We have a deep desire to poke blogger in the eyeballs with dessert forks...Just so you all know!

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