Friday, May 20, 2011

ne kids :: the dream bunk bed for your kids

In the search for finding the PERFECT bunk bed for my beautiful girls, my search landed at NE-Kids. Oh my goodness, this bed is AMAZING! It is the Stair Loft from their Schoolhouse Collection. I have had a chance to get to know this company deeper and they have been just great to work with! Here is a picture, what do you think?

When I first posted this picture on my personal blog and facebook page, the response was outstanding. Over 30 people commented and about 5 asked where they could get one themselves. People just love it. I posted on my personal blog a little about it too, you can take a peek if you want for additional pictures. I wish I could include all the pictures in this review, but it would be WAY too long :) So, here are a few for you:


And now that it is up in our home, and the girls have been in it for about a month now, it has sure passed the 2 and 5-year old test! The quality of this bed is great.

Here is a description of the bed followed by a couple things I wanted to specifically note:
"Imagine how cool it would have been to climb a staircase complete with handrail to the second story of your very own room, now it’s possible. The Stair Loft has it all, Sleep: A twin bed on top with a choice of twin or full size lower bed Study: A fully integrated desk Storage: Four built-in drawers in the staircase steps. The bottom drawer is giant, it can roll out into the room and store almost anything."
  • You get to choose what side you want the stairway and the desk on depending on your room set up.
  • The drawers in the steps have so much space! I was shocked to find the dresser is now only half full after installing them. They make having two kids in the same room a cinch.
  • The lower bed is on wheels so it has made moving it around very nice for cleaning.
  • The desk is awesome! It not only has a space for my oldest to color and be by herself, but it has more DRAWERS! :)
Now let me tell you about the assembly. My husband and a friend spent one very short evening putting this together. They had planned for a long evening, but didn't even make it through a six pack! We have assembled a lot of furniture related items over the years and NOTHING has gone together as smooth as this bunk bed. I say that with complete confidence. The directions were just plain simple and there were not nearly as many steps as you would expect considering the size of the final product. Also, the quality of the hardware was impressive. It allowed pieces literally to just fall into place. There were absolutely no shortcuts taken on the design or material when this bed was on the drawing board.

Schoolhouse Collection Stair Loft : $1,599

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*I purchased the bed shown above at a discounted price to conduct this review using personal experience. The opinions expressed are my own.*


  1. my boys would love a bed like this!

  2. It comes in different colors as well! :) And different styles!

  3. I have a showroom in PA and sell this is AMAZING....have been selling furniture for 26 years and nothing has come close to this for youth. Glad to hear your daughters love it.

  4. We have a different bedroom set from this same company. It is in my son's room and we love it. Everyone thinks I got it from Pottery Barn, but the quality is much better. It was very easy to put together and still looks beautiful - my son is quite rough on it.


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