Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a simple recipe {gretl's ice cream cake}

This customizable ice cream cake is the perfect touch to any special occasion. Oh, did I mention it is also ridiculously delicious and super easy to make?

Prep Time: just unload your groceries

Assembly Time: approx. 10 min. (then freeze for 2 hours) then another 10 min (freeze until hard...then serve)

Ready In: approx. 3.5 hours (really only 2o min. of work though)

Makes: It depends on the size of your springform pan you choose-- my thought, go big or go home!

Wax paper
1 springform pan (you choose the size)
2 boxes of Hostess Ho Hos or Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls
3 containers of ice cream (you choose the flavors) - soften when you start the assembly process
1 jar of hot fudge
1 container of dairy whipped topping (depending on your cake size you may want a large container) - do not freeze when assembling


1. Place a piece of wax paper across the bottom of the springform pan (wax paper will hang out the sides of the pan when you clip the bottom into place so no need to cut to a specific size)

2. Clip the springform pan bottom into the outer ring of the pan (again, wax paper will stick out the side)

3. Cut Ho Hos in half lengthwise and press them (sticky side against pan) onto the outer ring of the pan (it will look like you are building a Ho Ho fence)

4. Take the first container of ice cream and create a bottom layer on your springform pan (use the entire container)

5. Pour the entire jar of hot fudge (not heated) onto the first layer of ice cream (if cake is very soft at this point you may want to pop it in the freezer for a little bit to harden things up)

6. Take the second and whatever is needed of the third containers of ice cream and create another layer of ice cream on top of the hot fudge. Take ice cream up to the top of the springform pan.

7. Freeze cake with a piece of wax paper over the top for 2+ hours.

8. Remove cake from the freezer and remove outer ring of springform pan (if you wiggle it it should pop off easily).

9. Using a spatula spread a layer of whipped topping over the entire cake (sides and top)

10. Refreeze (without wax paper covering) the entire cake until hard.

11. Decorate with any additional decor you would like -- serve and enjoy!

This is a great cake for family birthdays. You can give your child the chance to pick his/her favorite flavors and even customize it further with toppings and decorations.

*Warning -- this cake is addictive and may cause unrelenting bliss.



  1. That sounds wonderful! And just in time for memorial day Thanks :-)

  2. OH.MY.WORD.SARAH. Just don't forget about your pregnant friend on bedrest...just in case you felt like making one out of the blue for someone. ;)

  3. I want to see a picture!!! And oh my... yum. :)

  4. OMG.....This sounds divine!! I will definately need to make this!!!

  5. I just made it...then ate it and FORGOT to take a picture. I almost made another one... but I need my clothing to fit.


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