Thursday, June 2, 2011

kozy shack :: CowRageous! snack pudding

As a mom and the primary grocery shopper in our house I try to choose healthy options for our family.  There's some foods that I'd love to have on hand for snacks and treats, but when I read the food labels for them I just cringe and put them back on the shelf.

The day after my 3 year old tried to throw some not so healthy snack pudding into our cart while shopping, I found the perfect alternative when I came across Kozy Shack's CowRageous! snack puddings.  I was excited to see that CowRageous! all-natural snack puddings are not only made with real (low-fat) milk and natural ingredients, they are only 100 calories a serving with 3 grams of fiber!  Plus they have NO artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or hydrogenated oils!!!

But the real test would be how they tasted... and they taste great!  We have tried the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavored CowRageous! snack puddings and chocolate was easily the household favorite.  I had to say thought that every time I had vanilla flavored CowRageous! it would make me think of créme brulée. YUMMMM!!!

CowRageous! 6-pack snack puddings :: prices vary, but around $4 :: available in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors from your local grocer. Want to find the nearest retailer?  Check here for a Store Listing.

*I was provided with CowRageous! snack pudding sample packs above in order to conduct this review using personal experience.  The opinions provided are my own.*


  1. I. LOVE. KOZY. SHACK. Their tapioca and rice pudding is the BOMB!!! :)

  2. LOL! My mom was asking me about them this morning after she read the review. I think she's going to buy some stuff today when she goes to get groceries. I'll have to try the tapioca & rice puddings now too!


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