Wednesday, June 1, 2011

peace toys :: hugg-a-planet

This is one of the best toys I have ever seen -- and I promise you I wouldn't say that about just any toy. While I think toys are great fun and definitely a wonderful part of childhood, rarely do I come across one that I think will really have an important impact on my child's development. I am super pleased to introduce you to Peace Toys, a toy company offering amazing educational and organic toys. And I have fallen in love specifically with Hugg-A-Planet.

Hugg-A-Planet is essentially a globe pillow. While this sounds super simple, it's kind of brilliant. The moment I opened the package and pulled out the globe my son tackled it to the ground and began hugging it (to prove this please see my camera phone picture... this toy is suitably named). Hugg-A-Planet offers multiple forms and sizes of planets from Earth to Mars and even the moon! Each planet is accurately marked, allowing children to start learning and identifying geography from an early age. Colorful, soft, light -- Hugg-A-Planet toys meet kid criteria and go above and beyond to deliver a great level of learning as well.

I love the idea that my son can get a sense of the world from a young age. We are a traveling family and being able to point out our destinations in respect to their placement in the world is pretty fun. While a typical globe is great for older kids, Hugg-A-Planet is a toy you can introduce from day one. This is a toy that can grow with your child.

And just to up the cool factor of this toy -- it's been to outer space. Yep, check the picture below for proof. What kid wouldn't want the toy that astronauts played with on a spaceship!

Peace Toys :: $22.95 :: Hugg-A-Planet Earth

*I was provided with Hugg-A-Planet Earth, Mars and the moon along with a Foundling Rabbit to conduct this review using personal experience. The opinions expressed are my own.*


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  1. All my kids had one of these. they still use it. was amazing how much they absorb playing with it.


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