Thursday, July 7, 2011

dry case :: waterproof vacuum seal

Water is frequently a part of our summer day, whether it be at the pool, out on the lake, or from just watching the kids jump through the sprinkler.  For a lot of reasons, including some safety related ones, I like to have my phone handy wherever we are even if it is near water.  But being around water so much was making me a bit nervous about the potential disastrous combination of my children and my phone.

Enter Dry Case.  The Dry Case Waterproof phone, camera and music player case is my iPhone's new BFF.  I just put my phone in the Dry Case, hooked up the Headphone & Microphone port, locked the top, and then pumped the air out.  The touchscreen still works thorough the plastic and the investment otherwise known as my iPhone is safely protected from water damage.

Here's a nifty photo to show all the features and parts that come with the Dry Case.

It's good to note that if you want to use your phone to make calls or to listen to music while it's sealed in the Dry Case you will need to hook up some headphones to the Headphone & Microphone Port.  And just because it's waterproof doesn't mean it floats.  Use the provided Lanyard and/or Buoyant Neoprene Armband to keep your expensive electronics from sinking (test the armband for buoyancy with each device).

To show you just how much I trusted the seal on my Dry Case look at the photo to the left.  That is my actual iPhone, my calendar/only phone/to-do list/shopping list/etc.  in the hands of my 3 year old while she was swimming in the pool.  If I didn't trust the seal on my Dry Case to have held there is no way I would have ever tested it out like that...

Waterproof phone, camera and music player case :: $39.99

*I received product to facilitate this review and promotion. The opinions expressed are my own.*

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  1. Very cool. My sister could use one of those for sure. Thanks for sharing!


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