Sunday, October 28, 2007

LTDChix - Living the Dream!

Sometimes as a mom we think back on our past life, pre-kiddos... and think about all the dreams we had to give up in order to be a mom.

But seriously... what could be more rewarding than pouring our life into your family!

We are Living the Dream!!

I am proud to sport the shirts from LTDChix!
A company that has taken our every day task as mothers... and created a variety of fun shirts for us. No one else can wear these! Just us moms!

Although not as glamours as some other peoples dreams :-)
We dont get up each morning... put on our stilettos, business suits and full face of make up. Rather we live in our comfortable sweats, tshirts, sneakers... jeans... ya knowwww "MOM clothes!" haha
Out of all the jobs in the world I wouldnt choose anything over this.

I love being a mom and wife...

I am living my dream :-) would like to offer all of my readers a special coupon!

And one of you lucky readers a chance to win 1 of these great shirts.

The particular shirt they are giving away is the Pink Flamingo long sleeve one w/ the cooking logo on it. It also is a size medium.

If you'd like to sign up for this giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment w/ your name... if you are a non-blogger comment w/ your email address.

Also if you do write a blog mention the giveaway on your blog as well as your favorite shirt logo at that you feel applies most to your life as a mother, grandmother, etc...

Thanks everyone for signing up!
And remember if you want you can use THIS COUPON for a 20% discount! Or use the code: Oct07

Giveaway will run until Friday

Posted by Drea


  1. Hey...I love these shirts! So cute...and fun! I posted about your contest here:

  2. cute shirts! I would love to be entered:) I will post on my blog ASAP!!

  3. Fun, Fun! These T-shirts are so cute! My post is up and ready!


  4. Ooooh, I would LOVE to have that shirt!

    LTDChix Rock!

    Here's the URL for my post about this giveaway:

    *keeping fingers crossed*

  5. Those are really cute. I will post it on my giveaway blog.

  6. I need one of these shirts!! I truly am living the dream - with a great husband, and four beautiful children. Life gets hectic, but hey, that's the fun of it!
    I'll be posting on my blog...

  7. Oh my how awesome are these shirts!!
    Please enter me!!


  8. Very cute shirt!!! So funny....who can't remember wanting kids soo bad. e-mail is :)


  10. Count me in!

    Here's my post:

  11. These shirts are so much fun! I'm all linked up HERE.

  12. The shirts are awesome! I'm a non-blogger so my e-mail addres is

  13. I would love to win.....I'm livin' it ladies! Thanks for a great contest!

  14. What adorable shirts. The story of my life. Who would have thought in high school i would have 5 kids by 27 years old. I would love to be entered. I have been lurking. You might get me to even blog with this and the big fall giveaway going on.

    thanks Drea

  15. Very cute shirts! Thanks for the chance to win one.

  16. These are great shirts!! I really like the mini-van one b/c I was one of those people who said I would NEVER have one!! I don't have a blog but I'd love to win - thanks for the giveaway!



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