Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Portable Baby

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I have been on the hunt for a great diaper bag lately. A diaper bag that not only looks great... but can also be used as a backpack. With two young children having my hands free is a MUST! I hate using diaper bags that slip off your shoulder... cut into your neck... are bulky... or to skinny.

I have found my perfect diaper bag!! It comes from The Portable Baby.

Seriously I LOVE THIS BAG.
The color is sooooo FUN!
They also have it in a BROWN color if you want something more neutral and less bold in color.

This bag has so many great features. Let me start with the best ...

1. It can be worn as a messanger bag (meaning across your chest)
2. It can be worn as a tote
3. It can be worn as a back pack!!!

The straps are nicely padded so its VERY comfortable.. no more stiff rough straps.. these are super soft and help w/ any slipping issues.

The organization is wonderful.. with 4 pockets inside you have room to organize all your wipes, diapers, etc... It also has a large zipper pocket under the flap for anything else.

The inside is large enough that I could fit ...

1. Taites bottle
2. Taites formula container
3. A CLOTH diaper (cloth takes up a lot of room, just so you know)
4. Wipes in a slim case (not a big pack of wipes, the slender packs)
5. 2 jars of baby food and large baby snack container
6. A bib and spoon
7. My wallet
8. A changing pad (it came with one but I decided to use my old cloth changing pad to take less room and keep the one it came with in the car as a spare)
9. Calebs sippy
10. My cell phone
11. Baby lotion, my slim camera, finger nail clippers, sanitizer, sanitizer wipes, lip gloss, chapstick, gum, dr. bobby stick, pen, pacifier and clip.

need I say more?

It fits all my stuff without being to large. Im a small person and I dont enjoy bags that are overly large. This one is a larger diapaer bag compared to some... but its not HUGE by any means.

It comes w/ a side detachable insulated bottle holder... as well as a detachable phone case.

The straps for the backpack are connect to the bag located in a back zipper pocket. You simple just unzip that pocket and your ready to go. The messanger straps if not needed can simply be put into the pocket that the back pack straps came from.

If your interested in purchasing a Satchel Diaper bag from The Portable Baby check them out NOW. She has them on sale and after their gone... their gone. They cost $49.00 which is not bad for such a great bag.

I want to mention real briefly as well....

Laura from The Portable Baby also DYES Ergos and Patapum baby carriers. If your not familiar with these you can check out her site for photos. The Ergo and Patapum only come in a few colors... so shes giving you babywearing lovers other options. Im hoping to get a Patapum soon to review and when I do I might look into having her dye it. Just so mines different :-)

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