Monday, November 19, 2007

Snug-a-Bug Warmsie Set!!

I found the perfect thing for the kids with all the cold weather coming...

Warmsies!!! They are similar to the idea of the long johns. [thermal underwear] just to throw under your clothes and go.

BUT....these are SOOO much better.

I read up on the company and the actual material used for the warmsie. At first I honestly didn't think they would be that much different than basic thermals. MAN WAS I WRONG. I got the package and couldn't wait to put it on Terri Jade. It was so unbelievably soft! The Warmsie was designed and produced by a couple of WAHMs, these clothes work as an insulated base layer.

The fabric is made of special fabric that will wick away (pulls sweat and moisture from skin) moisture and keep your child warm in the same way thermal base layers do for adults. {They have a light weight and Midweight fabric for different climates.}

The Warmsie material is almost "plush" to the touch. Like a fleece. I can't explain is just FABULOUS and I am so upset that I can't get one in my size!!


When I think of thermals I think about the old school ones that we used to have as kids. The white and if you were lucky you could get the pink flowers. Well these come in the most rockin color schemes. I got the pink with the cheetah trim. CUTE CUTE!!

Terri can wear it out by itself or under a cute little onesie or dress. I got instant compliments when we walked in the Olive Garden. For some reason women flock to animal prints, and along with Terris crowd appeal I ended up talking to strangers till we were seated. [4O minute wait!!!!]

Weather you have a little boy or a little girl they have something you will like up to size 3T!!!! Check out the sizing chart for where your baby would fit!

Running until December 21st you have the chance to get 15% off your warmsie set and FREE SHIPPING!

Type “DEReview” into the comments box at checkout and SnugaBug will immediately refund 15% of your total purchase”


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