Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wi-Fi Lexmark Printer

It seems like everything is going wireless these days.
My internet works off of a wireless signal..
our phones are wireless..
our music players (aka ipods, etc.) are wireless...
our kids TOYS are wireless...

So why not have a wireless printer?
Through the WiFi-Guy I came to learn about Lexmarks new line
of wireless printers.

I havent owned a printer at home for a good while now... and the last one I owned was
just a pain to use... with all the chunky wires... and issues w/ Cports.. or whatever you call those things... It was just a hassle.

With this new WiFi technogloy I am able to hook my printer up through my DSL Wireless signal. My husband who uses a laptop can also connect with this same printer (without any wires) through his signal.

Its really neat!
If you dont have a wireless signal they also give you the option of using a very slim USB cord instead. It works great for those days your internet goes out as well.

This printer also prints are a high speed.
The quality is wonderful for not only text and graphics but also photos.
You can use glossy photo paper and get a great quality print.
They also made this printer with something called Accu-feed technology. This
will virtually eliminate any of those nasty paper jams.

All in all... Im very pleased with my new Lexmark WiFi Printer :-)
So if you want a very easy to use yet great quality printer... check them out!


  1. I need one of those! Then I could print my stuff out on dh's laptop.

  2. Thats so cool. How long do the print cartridges last on average? The printer we have now, just uses ink like there's no tomorrow. haha

  3. Hmmmmpfh...I've been debating on getting one of these, I think you just made up my mind! :)



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