Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bronwen Hand Crafted

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Through this site I have come across many great products. One day months ago I found the most stunning ring sling Ive seen! I fell in love with it the second I saw it. Most ring slings are pretty... and fun... but the thing that really drew me to this sling was the unique fabric.

Bronwen uses all sorts of fantastic fabrics. The sling I reviewed is made out of a fabric called Marimekko. Here's a quote from Bronwen's site ...

"This 2007 design Marimekko Guada pattern was designed by Tuula Kaakinen.The pattern illustrates the artist's perspective from sitting in the shade under the canopy of large tree fronds in Guadalajara, Mexico. The fabric is 100% high quality cotton."


This sling is on the higher end of slings. I like to show a lot of really affordable items on my reviews... its rare I ever show expensive ones... but I couldn't help but showcase this one.

Every woman who loves purses owns a higher end purse. A student of ours back in Ohio LOVED Coach purses... and owned a few. Their really expensive... but it was her way of splurging on herself and adding that extra flare to her outfit (although I do think she was given the purses hehe).

I think with baby wearing its the same way. You can get a less expensive sling and get by fine... but for me personally I really wanted something elegant... Something I could really feel beautiful in while wearing Taite. I know its just a baby carrier but I cannot even begin to tell you the attention this sling got the other day at the grocery store.

Lets just say people were in awe ;-)

Baby wearing is such a beautiful thing... why not have 1 extra beautiful carrier to express that.

Bronwen does offer a few more affordable slings ranging from $42.00-$95.00

She makes pouch slings, ring slings, mei tais and even podaegi's.
I found her sling very easy to use and very supportive. She uses wonderful rings from (the best rings!)

Check out her collection on Etsy at...

Did I mention she makes jewelry as well?! :-D

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  1. I know. I just LOVE the print on it.. its so elegant yet still has a casual feel to it as well.

  2. Wow! That's gorgeous! I don't think I can afford a carrier that expensive though...

  3. That is beautiful! There are so many cool prints out there... too bad I don't NEED another one. :)

  4. That is a beautiful sling. I just checked out the others and I love the black and white Mmarimekko also.

  5. That sling is amazing, I love it!!! I agree that it's nice to have that "extra special" item that might cost a little extra!! Great review, and very elegant!!

  6. I fell in love with that sling a few months back and I'm waiting for the day I can afford it !! By the way Drea, what do you think of the shoulder, is it comfortable? It does look very comfortable.

  7. Charo,
    I know its sooo beautiful!!
    I do find the shoulder very comfortable. you can actually wear it more dense if you want to get it off your shoulder. I like slings like that for newborn stage.. but once the babies heavier i like it more fanned out. And because she doesnt sew her gathering shut completely you can wear it both ways. Its really nice.


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