Wednesday, January 16, 2008

EllaRoo Mei Tai Deluxe

This extremely well-made baby carrier can be worn on the front, back or hip and will last you well into the toddler years. (My daughter in the carrier is 1 1/2)

The three best features of the EllaRoo Mei Tai Deluxe are the comfort, colors, and headrest!!

The Mei Tai is so super comfortable and it's made of soft organic cotton (90% of the ERMT fabric is organically-grown cotton). I personally like that it is worn over both shoulders, which distributes the weight evenly. Other than some carriers that after time put too much stress on the shoulders. The straps are the perfect width and do not dig in like a narrower strap would. I like the light padding in the shoulders...not to the point of giving the appearance of the bad early 90s suit shoulder pads though.

The colors of the Mei Tai can range from trendy/contemporary to an oriental flare! The fact that the EllaRoo Deluxe is reversible makes EllaRoo's Mei Tei standout. In effect you are getting two Mei Tais with one purchase.

Finally, the headrest (HELLO) a nap with a place to lay your head!?! I'm there. Terri was too by the end of our walk. I'm sure this is a rare occurance with Terri (she naps so little) BUT I definitely think that with smaller babies the headrest is a must have. Too bad someone ::cough ME cough:: forgot to completely charge the camera, again. The head rest and body both have a magnet sewn inside the fabric (concealed), so the headrest nicely folds down and out of the way when you are not using it.

I will admit that with the light extra padding (which I loved for the added comfort to me and the baby) I found the Ellaroo to be a bit bulkier to fold up and carry with me, which restricted my use of my small diaper bag. If you are like my friend Andrea though you just leave all your carriers in your car trunk ready to go :-)

To those who have never used a mei tai let me warn you... some may consider this a downfall but its really just something you learn to accept :-) The tails drag on the ground when tying, which doesn't bother me with most MTs, but did with this's so fancy and beautiful, I didn't want to ruin it!!

A PLUS IS......

The ERMT CAN be machine washed (line dry). :-D So if you do get a little dust on the straps its easily cleaned.

We haven't received our 15% off coupon for Attached to baby yet, but check back tomorrow!! :-D POSSIBLY with some BETTER PICTURES!!!!!!!!


  1. I have a pretty Mei Tei, but haven't really used it because I can't for the life of me figure out how to tie it! I'm sure it's not that hard, but I can be dense sometimes! LOL Help!

  2. I try to remember to put the ties in my pockets so they don't drag when I am tying my mei tai.

    I love my mei tai but have been looking into getting a beco because it looks like it might be faster and easier to put on with the buckles.

    Has anyone used a beco before?

  3. I have yet to get a Mei Tei and I want one so bad. My friend makes them but is in the process of moving and hasn't had the chance.
    I love the one in the first picture.

    Oh well... I'll stick with my Moby for now.


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