Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Ergo Carrier

We've owned the Ergo Carrier since Summer of 2007. WE LOVE this carrier. I remember my 1st thought when I used it was "wow this is so easy!" and "its so sturdy yet comfortable."

I thought it was nice not having any straps for once to wrap... you simple slide it on your shoulders pull a few things to tighten it and you are set.

My husband by far is the biggest fan of the Ergo. He refuses to wear a Mei Tai, wrap, ring sling, etc... at all cost :-) [although many times I talk him into those if the Ergo isnt around haha]. He loves how simple the Ergo is and how MANLY it feels. I guess a Mei Tai feels girly since you can tie it into a bow? :-) MEN are so funny.

The Ergo can be used from newborn-age 3 or older (depending on how heavy your child is... Calebs 3 1/2 - 40 pounds and can still ride in the Ergo). I of course dont do this because im 110 pounds and 5 foot 2.. I would fall over trying to wear Caleb to long :-) but it was nice to use this past summer at the zoo with Caleb. This way he was up high enough to see into a lot of the walled areas with animals. Not to mention he didnt have to walk!

The Ergo has a very comfortable padded shoulder as well as padded waist. This helps to distribute the weight onto our hips and not the back so much. It also has a belt that attaches to both straps to help tighten the carrier around your shoulders or chest. They even make extended straps for fluffier moms or dads.

The Ergo also has the wonderful (must have) sleepy hood. We have used this countless times. It works great and stays in place on your child's head.

The only downfall I have to the Ergo is if you dont have hips like myself I have to make sure I wear a belt or put my pants where the waist strap is. Otherwise the waist straps slowly pushes my pants down and I then have saggy bottoms :-) But that may be because I'm a low-rise pant fan.. If I had my pants at normal height they may stay up better. ANY HOW :-D haha

I recommend this highly for any MAN for sure... and for any mom who wants less involved carriers. These make great fathers day presents! (They are worth the 90 some dollars you pay... this is one of the most well constructed carriers Ive ever used.)

The Ergo comes in many colors. Black w/ green or khaki interior, Blue, Cranberry or Camel. They also have a organic line as well.

Check out the Ergo line at Attached to Baby. They carry the carriers as well as all the fun accessories you can add to it.

We have a nice coupon code coming VERY SOON for 15% off any ATB purchase. The current code Dreawd isnt valid right now.. please be patient as we wait for the president of the company to issue our new one :-) should be here any day.

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