Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Karma Baby Pouch

I am a big fan of black and white. What can I say? This gorgeous paisley print is the perfect pouch for me! I can wear it casual or a bit more dressed up! I swear this pouch will go with anything.
I got it and like all my carriers, I had to IMMEDIATELY try it out. (grocery trip) I love how deep it is. It has a support that I have never had in a pouch before. Its deeper than the Hotsling and Peanutshell pouches, which makes it feel a bit more secure!

I have carried Terri Jade in every position I could think of...kangaroo, back, T2T, hip... you name it. I even did a cradle hold with Louie last Wednesday night at our cook out! It was snowing out....the kids were in the bed and a few friends were over. Louie was having a FIT to come out on the porch but he (KING LOUIE) refuses to touch the snow. What does mommy do? Grabs the Karma baby pouch! He laid in the cradle position on HIS BACK!!! :-D ROTTEN I know!

What's even better than the deep pocket of the pouch is the pocket and a ring for my keys!!!!! I can just stick my wallet in the pocket and my keys on the ring and run in the grocery store!

The organic hemp is the ideal material! It's a lighter weight than cotton sateen or twill, and has just the right amount of give (more stretch than the cotton sateen or twill) but less than a fleece or jersey knit.

KARMA has many different styles to choose from.

I will say that I typically get Mediums' but in this case I should have sized down! I am 5'8" (or 5'7" and a 1/2 ) and 135lbs(or 140) but I guess my shoulder to hip fell right in between sizes. READ THE SIZING CHART!!! lol SIZE DOWN if in between!! I will continue to wash and dry hot, that should help!

The only negatives. . .well I couldn't find any! SO I went on the babywearer and I searched....and SEARCHED.....nothing except ONE review. It said that the lady was petite, 5’2” and 105. The x-small is still too big on her. I read others that said that they were petite and they loved a pouch that FIT. SOO to all you little bity women....I say CHANCE IT!

I only read reviews that rated this pouch a 5!! That would be my vote as well! :-D

I was looking for the perfect pouch, and found it here.

I PROMISE....we ARE getting a coupon for Attached to Baby! (and all their gorJ pouches!!)


  1. Im so jealous you got to review this and I didnt LOL. ITS SOOOO CUTE!!!!!

  2. Love this sling as well. I would so love to have slings of all styles and colors in my own stash.


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