Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Kozy Carrier -

Kozy Carrier 4
Mei Tais for me are one of those carriers that you can use until your baby has outgrown being worn.

It works well for smaller babies (Id say around 5 months) all the way up to age 2 or older (depending on how heavy the child is).

I didn't enjoy Mei Tais for newborns.. I felt they just worked better once the baby had more head control and their legs were longer.

Once Taite was about 5 months though I fell in love with Mei Tais.

They are probably one of the easiest carriers to use. My husband doesn't use them often but if he has to he does know how to put it on :-)

The Kozy Carrier comes in a great variety of fabrics. I LOVE the fabric I got called "Emporia." I find it very earthy... yet beautiful and colorful. It matches almost every outfit I own.

The straps are a great width.. they have just enough padding on the shoulder straps to give you comfort without being to overly bulky.

The body on the Kozy is longer than most mei tais.. but can be folded down when being used with a smaller baby.

The only complaint I have about the Kozy.. is that unless you order extra long straps.. the straps are a tad short. For me I like to wrap my straps around the baby with a twist ... and with the shorter straps I cant do this. Im having to get use to tying it in a knot up front... where as before I tied it behind me. But this is just personal preference. The carrier works fine either way. I did like the fact I had shorter straps when wrapping it up in public. :-)

If you are like me though and like the longer straps Id get the extra long version of the Kozy.

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