Thursday, March 20, 2008

Patapum Winner

Congrats Tamara!! you won the Patapum!

Thank you everyone who entered and blogged about us.
Remember you can still use the coupon code DREAWD to get 10% off at ATB on any carrier!

We will be starting a new random number picker soon. Counting these comments and counting all the extra votes takes me an hour some times!! its crazy.. cause ill loose count and then have to start over.. SO! Im going to start to use a widget that lets people enter and blog under 1 number... this will make things so much easier for us :-)

The current giveaways running now will still be counted under "comments" but any new giveaways posted AFTER THIS you will use a widget (ill show an example below) to sign up with.

Hope that makes sense :-) my brain is a mess after all the counting haha.

Thanks everyone!

And thank you ATB!

WIDGET EXAMPLE BELOW (so you know what to look for later)


  1. Congratulations Tamara. It looks like a wonderful carrier.


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