Monday, March 24, 2008

Me4Kidz Review and Giveaway

A number of weeks ago Providence had a scab that could not be left alone, while grocery shopping she came up to me holding her face with blood running down her cheek. I felt like a commercial when the first thought that ran through my mind was "I wish I had a meddibuddy". Some days before this occurred I had come across Me4Kidz and thought that meddibuddy was pure genius.

Though I keep a first aid kit in the car it's not very convenient to have to run out to it when I need something. Now, if a bandage is needed on a walk, at the park, in the grocery store, or otherwise on the go, this little guy fits. I took a picture to compare the size to an open razor cell and an iPod (though thicker then both), so you can see how easy it would be to slip into a purse. The meddibuddy is offered in a two pack, one for the purse and the other for the stroller, diaper bag, or simply to give to a friend. Me4Kidz is truly a family owned and operated business, their priority being "offering quality first aid products that are kid & pet friendly". Yes, Me4Kidz is even thinking of your pets by offering Medibag4Petz, specifically designed for pet care.

Me4Kidz products are not only made in the USA, but all plastic used is 100% recycled, and guaranteed US and EU lead free. Every product is put together by disabled individuals, and 10% of profits go back to the disabled community, so with each purchase you can know you'd be giving back. Additionally all products are latex free, something important I look for. Because I have a sister who is allergic to latex, I know latex bandages or gloves can just make it worse for some. The bandages included in the meddibuddy are shaped like little crayons and it even comes stocked with stickers to award for those brave skinned knees.

Me4Kidz is offering a meddibuddy two pack giveaway. To enter fill out the widget below by entering in your name (blog name) as well as a link to your blog. If you do not have a blog enter your name w/ your e-mail address.

If you would like to be counted twice in this giveaway blog about the Me4Kidz giveaway. After you blog about us come back to our site and add your name AGAIN linking directly to the post about this giveaway.

Please do not enter twice if you do not write a blog. Thanks!

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Winner will be randomly chosen March 31.

*use coupon code: simple for 10% off your purchase at Me4Kidz, expires in 30 days, April 22, 2008*


  1. I was just wondering what it is you would like us nonblog people to put for the url. It won't let us leave it blank. I tried putting my email address there, but it won't let us do that either. Just wanted to know to future reference. Thanks :)

  2. i blogged it here:

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  4. how true is their slogan!

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  5. Wow- you can never have enough bandaids thats for sure!

  6. Looks super handy!

  7. Looks like something great to have with warmer weather coming up and 2 very active boys!


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