Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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My children are big milk drinkers... as well as my husband.

We probably go through 2 gallons of milk a week (and thats just with the kids!)

I think its good that children drink milk in order to get their calcium...
Neither one of my boys are big cheese eaters... and both of them arent to keen on Yogurts... so Im thankful they like milk :-)

I on the other hand hate milk.
Its weird to because as a child I can remember drinking it some with ice...
but now... the thought of drinking milk makes me think of blood or something. HAHA It just seems gross to me. So I dont.

The only time I ever have milk are in baked goods...cheese or cereal.

So I do have concern about not getting enough calcium...

Beeyoutiful's Red Raspberry Leaves are an amazing supplement for women. Not just my age... but all women. right now is the only supplier of this organic supplement. (to their knowledge)

Red Raspberry Leaves are an excellent source of water soluble calcium.

The benefits go far beyond calcium though.. these are great for womens uterine muscles and are known to help women throughout their pregnancy... proven to help with labor and delivery and reduce complications.

Read more here...

The only thing I dont like about these are they do have a strong "leafy" taste. Even though you swallow these you can still taste it after its gone down some. Im really picky when it comes to taste.. so I may just be extra sensitive here :-)

When I take mine I have to chug water afterwards in order to get the taste down :-) thats just me though! Im willing to chug a few extra ounces of water though to provide my body with such a great organic supplement.

Use the coupon code: PR308AW to get 10% off your orders... books and package deals excluded...


  1. Andrea, I've tried placing an order, but it can't give me a shipping quote on their website for some reason. I tried contacting the company, but so far they haven't replied. Do you think you could get a hold of them for me somehow? They might see your name and respond a little quicker since they are in contact with you.

  2. I'm ready to place a beeyoutiful order but the coupon code will not work for me.


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