Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tummy TUNE UP - By Beeyoutiful.com

During the month of Dec. my boys got a NASTY Stomach flu...

During my entire life I only recall having one stomach flu ever... and it was my 1st winter living in Northern Ohio. (my husband on the other hand remembers having 1 stomach flu a year since he was a child)

That stomach flu was worst than CHILD BIRTH for me... seriously... I threw up non stop for about 8 hours... resulting in not only exhaustion... but dehydration and a stomach that felt like it been kicked repeatedly for hours... It was awful. During that ordeal I actually lost 5 lbs... and for someone my size to loose that sort of weight just shows how bad it really was.

So ... during this past Dec. when Caleb started throwing up I was so worried... I didnt want that bug...

I was very careful with my hands... and made sure I avoided contact with certain things (dirty diapers haha)... and also started to take the Tummy Tuneups by Beeyoutiful. Even though I wasnt sick... or felt sick yet I knew they would help easy my stomach.

Here's a quote from the Beeyoutiful site about Tummy Tuneup..
(The pill contains something called PRO-BIOTIC)

"“What is a pro-biotic?” I asked him. He explained that a PRO-biotic is the opposite of an ANTI-biotic. An antibiotic kills all the bacteria in your stomach, intestines, and throughout the body; the bad and the good. A probiotic replaces the good bacteria, repopulating your stomach, intestines, and colon with the little workers that properly breakdown the food you eat. A blast of pro-biotics will also compete vigorously for food sources with virii and yeast that are causing problems. So, an extra dose of those good bacteria can, and will, overcome stomach flu symptoms. Wow!"

"The great thing about this particular product is that it has all 8 natural GI bacteria, and it comes in a capsule that is relatively easy to open. I often open a capsule to sprinkle the powder on my kids food, or mix it into their milk. My baby drinks it in her bottle. It has no taste that I can discern. When nausea, gas, cramps become evident, I mix a half of a capsule in my baby’s bottle before meals, and a 1/2 to 1 whole capsule on my 3 and 5 year old’s food or drink. Gabe and I take two capsules before meals if the flu is going around. This year all 5 of us got the flu, and Tummy Tuneup kept us going like there were no stomach symptoms. I keep a bottle with me in the diaper bag, and one in the medicine cabinet."

I actually didnt even realize this was safe to use with children until after that awful bug... but you better believe I will have these handy next time a stomach flu comes around our home.

Ow.. and just so you know... I didnt throw up once during that month ;-)

Thank you Tummy Tune up!!

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