Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kustom Memories Review/Giveaway

I know what some of you will think as soon as you see this photo...

He isnt a dog!
Why do parents use those?!
Can't you just carry him?

I thought these very things any time I saw a mom using one of these...

Got him!

Thats right... a harness :-)

I never thought I would be the type of mom to actually use one of these... Whenever I saw parents with them I thought they were cruel and silly... but OH HOW I WAS WRONG!

This is a great way to teach a child. Taite is a very "go go go" baby. He likes to be on the move all the time.. and when I dont wear him he wants to run. When I'd shop at Target he would run so fast that you seriously would loose him if you didnt walk behind him the entire time. Keeping him in the cart worked some days... but other days he just refused to sit quietly in the cart... he wanted to walk.

I needed a way to let him enjoy walking... without allowing him to run wild throughout the store.

So I decided to try the harness method out...

I still think it looks sort of silly :-) but I do think it works well... and that its allowing me a way to let Taite walk.. without loosing him.. and it is also giving me the chance to correct him when he tries walking away. A simple tug and he gets the point.

Koala Shopper 2

This harness also doubles as a back pack for them. You can unhook the strap if needed.

They do look pretty cute with the little back pack on :-)

Kustom Memories offers a lot more than Child Harnesses.

They carry a variety of fun personalized items as well as some fun travel items.

They would like to give one of you a chance to win one of three items.

They thought it would be fun to allow the winner to pick from 3 items.

The items they are willing to giveaway are...

Mini Painting Play Set

A Plus Door Hanger - Quiet Nap Zone

Or a...

2in1 Monkey Harness (like Taites just not the Koala)

If you win you will have your choice of any of those items.

To sign up simply add your name to Mr. Linky below... leaving us a blog link or valid email address.

If you'd like to be entered TWICE ... blog about this giveaway... as well link to Kustom Memories (using a text link or button below). Come back and link us to the post and sign your name agian.

Please be honest :-)

Giveaway ends April 14th - Monday

Posted by Drea


  1. This is true about alot of things parents do, etc.... you don't know till you need help with something (like a runaway child) what will work best for you. I am glad you found a solution.

  2. I've been telling my friend who has an active 18month old about these animal backbacks, so this would be a great item to win and gift to her!

  3. When Micah was younger we used the harness with him. We loved the fact we could keep up with him and he would not run away. We also would get negative and positive feedback from strangers but it was a great addition to our family when Micah was on the go!

  4. We have the monkey version! lol. I also felt that way, before my kids were walking(and before kids at all). I thought parents who did this were horrible! How could they treat their toddler like a dog. *pfft* lol. Those ideas didn't last long up against my refusingtostaybymyside kids. Really, who cares. It's not going to cause them any harm, and it gives them more of a feeling of freedom than strapping them into a stroller or carrying/wearing them constantly. I think the only people who don't think these are a good idea are blessed with those random little freak children who have a constantly calm demeanor. Those aren't my kids!

  5. I think that if it works for you then you should use it. Not everyone has a child who will stay by them and all it takes is a blink of an eye to lose sight of your little active one and then panic sets in. Why go through that headache just because of what others think? Those people that would criticize you for using them are the same ones who would complain if you let your child run amok all over the store.

  6. Got to do what works best for you & your family. I would have been delighted to have such a cutied harness a couple of times. Thanks for hosting!

  7. I've had the 'dog thought' once or twice before too. But we live in reality! And if it works, it works!

  8. Yeah, I thought a LOT of things before I became a parent. My daughter is extremely active, and I've been considering trying a harness lately.

  9. My dad made one of these out of backpack straps for my brother when he was 4 (way back in 1986 you couldn't buy one!) and we got 2 responses when we went to the Worlds' Fair in Vancouver BC.
    One - Oh my word, what are you doing to your child?
    Two - Oh my word, where can I get one of those?
    You can tell which ones were the parents!
    I'll be posting about this giveaway later. I have a feeling even if I don't win I'll be buying one of these soon!

  10. my son is 42 lbs at 2 1/2 so sometimes wearing him isnt the most practical solution. I do have one of these but havent used it yet- i know that day is coming though and I wholeheartly support parents who use one!

  11. my girls don't run off so I never had the need but I can see how with some kids it would be great (like my brother when he was little)

  12. Oh my goodness, this is what I need for my 2 year-old son! Our first daughter was an angel, she never ran off. It is so different having a little free-spirited man!

  13. I think the harness is great! My daughter could sure use one with an active two year old and a newborn.


  14. Those things are awesome! I used to think they were cruel too. But when I just flew with my toddler and infant alone without my husband it was a lifesaver! I wore my baby and had my toddler on the "leash" so she couldn't get away. It made travel so much easier.

  15. My Maddie is now 3 and she is attached to her "Monkey on her back". Half the time she ran around the house with it on. Which proved to be a slight problem for her because her older brother always grabbed the tail. lol. But leave it to a tot to figure out a way to get her way. She would tell me to take the tail off at home. I loved this product, and can't tell you how many Moms saw how much my Maddie adored her Monkey and decided to get a harness. Safety and happiness now there is a combo you do not see very often!!!

  16. Hi, If a child is in danger because they like to dash off, I see nothing wrong with the animal backpacks. All three prize giveaways are great! Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  17. Better to be safe than sorry! Love the Harness! I would def choose that! :)

  18. I used a harness on my grandson kolby and more than once it saved me tons of worry at crowded places..Maybe i can win one for the new little one..enter me please...
    thank you

  19. how cute the little herness is its a lot more nice looking then well thay use to be and well i dont care what some may think about them if thay are going to keep your kids safe and with you at all times thay are grate and well i realy could use one for my little one where at the walking stage and this will realy just help me out if i win this thanks

  20. I would love to win the 2in1 harness. My girl is crawling now but it won't be long before she walks so I'll be needing it soon. Thanks for the great give away!

  21. Now that's a great collection of prizes! Count me in. I've signed Mr. Linky.

    Re. the harness - a godsend, especially with a kid who isn't still except when asleep. I know that from personal experience :) I get those weird looks and comments too, but then it's generally from non-parents, so I brush them off. When it comes from parents though, it does hurt and shock a bit. But I guess they don't have an active kid like mine. At least that's what I tell myself.

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