Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Leap Frog DVDs are Awesome

The best baby and kids products I have are from recommendations of other experienced moms.... that's one of the reasons I feel like I should share this "gem" with the simple readers:)

At a play time with a friend, she recommended a DVD called Leap Frog "Letter Factory" that taught her kiddies (3 and almost 2) phonics. Since I had just started working with my oldest through a reading program that relied heavily on phonics I thought I'd give this DVD a try.

I was a little worried at first..... how much "fun" would an educational DVD be??? My kids were almost immediatly hooked. They LOVE their "Letters DVD". In about 3 months of occasionally watching the Letter Factory I really began to notice how much my kids were picking up. My daughter is 3 went from knowing the capital letters' names to knowing both lower and upper case letters by sight and knowing ALL the letter sounds (phonics). My son being 2 could recognize only 2 or 3 letters and call out their names before the DVD. Christopher now knows all the letter sounds and can recognize all of the uppercase letters, most of the lowercase!!!! Here's a video I took last night of him "showing off his stuff" :

Anna was writing some letters before the DVD, but since she knows more letters she is also writing more. Christopher, was writing a few letters that he'd been stuck on for a while....but after the DVD he is trying to write whatever he wants. He'll write "W" and "S"....all sorts of stuff that I haven't been working with him on... I just think he's used to seeing them from the DVD and see them written on the DVD as the Professor reinforces each letter before moving to the next.

Anyway, I think the "Letter Factory" DVD from Leap Frog is amazing!!! And for parents who want to teach their children letters it is awesome. Even our Andrea has seen her Caleb start to be interested in letters!!!

Since I'm keeping mine home for preschool, I went ahead and purchased the 5 pack. Andrea asked me how the kids were enjoying their new DVDs (meaning the 5 pack). They really, really like them.....but I think that these other 4 videos try to cover a LOT of imformation, almost too much. On the other hand, if it's video/TV time in my house, I think I'd rather have them watching these than some random cartoon that's not teaching reading and math.

You can purchase these at, Walmart or ! I purchased my 5-pack at Deep Discounts..... the prices were a little less and they had free shipping. But it took almost 2 weeks to get to us.....


  1. very nice kelly! he is so bright thats amazing. caleb can do most now in just a few weeks of watching that dvd. we love it 2.
    one of his favorite is the R :-) because its race cars.

    I think any mom would love this DVD as well as kid.

  2. I totally have re-learned my phonics which has been a HUGE help with teaching Anna to read:)


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