Thursday, May 1, 2008

Munchler at the Polka Dot PLATYPUS!!!

Mason is always excited when new things come in the mail. But when he opened this package with his Munchler in it, I could literately see his excitement.
He said "Coooool", as excited as he was he immediately wanted to go somewhere to have a picnic. In other words to show it off to his friends.
[After all, what good is a lunch box that doesn’t look good?]

Award-winning children’s book illustrator, Stephen Savage, took on the project of creating lunch boxes for the fabulous company Built, he did so in four separate designs of zoo animals.
These bags insulate food and beverages and unzip to form placemats.
We love lots of things about it, but our favorite is how
you can unzip the entire lunchbox and lie it flat for an instant place mat which makes any Turkey sandwich taste better. It also stores flat so your child has plenty of room in their bookbag to bring home all of their books!! ;-)

Made from polypropylene, a washable plastic, the Munchlers are designed to evoke a chuckle. Sturdy enough to hold and protect food and snacks, Despite all of these features, they are still able to offer them at a price that won’t leave you crying if one is lost.


* patents pending.

4 adorable styles to choose from

munchlermeadow.gif (28701 bytes)

Meadow Munchler Exterior Dimensions:

H6.5" x W 7.5" x D 5" (16.5 cm x 19.1 cm x 12.7 cm)

Meadow is a Rabbit who lives in a burrow underground. She is very gentle and loves to cuddle. Her favorite meal is a nice salad with lots of carrots and leafy greens, but in a pinch she will settle for a fresh patch of grass.

munchlerbennie.gif (20952 bytes)

Benny Munchler Exterior Dimensions:

H5" x W 7.5" x D 7" (12.7 cm x 19.1 cm x 17.8cm)

Benny is a Bengal Tiger who lives in the rain forest. He loves to lie in the grass. The night is when he gets hungry. He is a carnivore, so he loves to eat meat.(Ham and Turkey are his favorite!) . Grrrr!!!

munchlerlefty2.gif (16691 bytes)

Lefty Munchler Exterior Dimensions:

H6" x W 8.5" x D 4" (15.2 cm x 21.6 cm x 10.2 cm)

Lefty is a clever little puppy. He loves to play catch and run in the park, but most of all he loves to EAT. He’ll eat anything – meat, bones, veggies, even sneakers.

munchlerboo.gif (31644 bytes)

Boo Munchler Exterior Dimensions:

H5" x W 7.5" x D 5" (12.7 cm x 19.1 cm x 12.7 cm)

Boo is a friendly Panda Bear. She got her nickname from her favorite food Bamboo! It’s just about all she eats.

This is a lunchbox that would captivate every kid, or kid at heart. One of the things that I really like about this bag is that its not PVC!!!! It does very well keeping my food cold and/or warm. But now a days it's hard to find a lunch tote that is not PVC, which is just crazy. this is cute, and effective.



My kids love their little lunch bag. Now that I've convinced Mason to share. They are spacious enough for a lunch during the week and snacks on the weekend. I can see in the future that we'll never be able to leave home without it. Absolutely cute and great price!…

So hop on over to The Polkadot Platapus and grab up these adorable boxes before they run out!

Bethany, the owner of would like to offer YOU your very own Munchler Bag! To enter fill out Mr. Linky below. If you blog about us and this giveaway come back and re-enter w/ a direct link to your UNIQUE blog post.. This way we know to count you twice. Non-bloggers just leave us a valid email address.

So if You'd like to take Meadow home to your child let me know!

ALSO take advantage of 15% off .... the code is POLKADOT

The winner will be announced on Thursday the 8th!

[Mason and Terris babbling Mama]


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  2. **Sorry I mispelled too many words on the last comment**

    WOAH! I just went over to visit this store. I must say how much I LOVE it!! I especially want this shirt for my daughter Lani.
    Her daddy is a rockstar you know? I may even order one for her northern BFF Sarah because her Daddy is a rockstar also:) It's even on sale!! WOO HOO!!!

  3. those are like the cutest things ever!!! well done bibbis :-)

  4. Wendy, your the second person to say you wanted a shirt today! (That is adorable!) Rock on babies!!

    Happy shopping!

  5. Hey just wondering, can I enter twice if I do a post about it? Don't think I've entered anything with the computerized things. Let me know thanks!

  6. I wasn't sure if we were getting an extra entry for posting, but I did it anyway:)

  7. So Cute! I'm in...blogging now...

  8. I want one!! I will blog about it when the kids are napping!

  9. Oooh - I want one (for me, not my kids cause they are all grown up)

  10. too cute my girls would love this

  11. Hi,
    I just came back to see if any of my friends signed up for this, and noticed that my name is down 3 times. I know I signed myself up twice, once to enter and then once because I blogged about this giveaway, but I don't know why there is a 3rd time. I wouldn't put it past my brothers to do this thinking they were giving me and "extra" chance... I don't want to cheat, but don't know how to remove the 3rd sign up. Aaah!!

  12. Oh these lunch boxes are so cute, I'm so excited!!!!!! Thanks for yet another good giveaway!!!

  13. I would love to win one of these, they are adorable!!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    ann dot guns at mac dot com

  14. My niece would LOVE this. How adorable and creative you are!


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