Friday, May 23, 2008

BLURB book....

What is Blurb?
Blurb is a company and a community that believes passionately in the joy of books – reading them, making them, sharing them, and selling them.
Holding a finished book with your name on the cover is a truly amazing feeling; it’s one of those experiences everyone should have.

I got the chance to make a blurb book. What a wonderful keepsake this is. This book is amazing. It was very easy to make and quite fun too.

They have many different sizes and as many pages as you wish. I chose to make one for my son's 1st year of life. It is a 7x7 inch, 100 page hardcover book. You can also chose a softcover it you prefer that.

You just download the free BLURB BookSmart software - that has many different templates and themes for you to chose from. Or you can upload your OWN page design. That is what I did, because I love to do that sort of stuff. I designed most of my pages in Photoshop and then upload them. If you do digital scrapbooking this would be a perfect way to display those pages you made.

I did use some of the templates that they offer and they are super easy to use. You just open your photo and drag it into the place that you want it. You can add text and change the colors of the font.

The quality of these books is fantastic. The pages are very nice and the book binding is very strong. It is just like a regular hard bound book. They have so many options for you to chose from, everyone is bound to be very happy with there book.

When I first got the book, Ethan had to look at it like 10 times in a row. He loves looking at it. Every time he saw a baby(him when he was younger), he would say "baby" and hug the book....SO CUTE!

You can make any type of book you want, whether it be of your child, a vacation, a portfolio, or even of you own blog. Blurb helps you transfer the info from your blog to blurb to get it printed.
These would make fantastic gifts for Grandparents!

Buy it: Blurb can be purchased directly from the company online. Prices start at $12.95.

Coupon code: "jaimepottblog" for $10 off you purchase of $24.95 or more. This offer will expire in one week. So hurry and start creating those wonderful books full of memories.

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  1. how awesome!
    I tried this a few months ago and never finished up... great incentive now with the coupon code!

  2. Beautiful! I love the pictures of him reading the book. So cute.

    I actually just finished a children's book that I wrote for my son (

    Thanks again for the detailed write-up. I found it through the Blurberati blog.

    Ben O.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I'll use it when updating Code Coupon Discount


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