Saturday, May 24, 2008

RuMe Reusable Bags

Have you ever had a "you had me at hello moment?" One of those first impressions that just IMMEDIATELY WON YOU OVER? Well the picture above did that for me!

In my small attempt to help the environment, I am trying to turn down plastic bags when I go
shopping in in hopes to reduce on THIS type of waste.

ReThink. ReAdjust. ReUse. That's the motto for the brand new RuMe bags. These reusable grocery bags are amazing! Not only are the colors fabulous, because of the way they are designed with a square bottom and double stitching all around, they hold more grocery items than other bags!

Affordable, stylish RuMe Bags are designed for daily use – and ReUse –
in any situation:
  • Grocery or mall shopping (I used mine at OLD NAVY today and got a GREAT response~!!); as a gym, sports, diaper or beach bag; picnics or overnighters; for laundry, farmer’s markets, work or as ReUseable gift bags.
  • The comfortable handle is sized to carry over any shoulder – male or female – even while wearing a bulky winter coat!

*(editing of picture done by MASON-age 5!)*
Up to three RuMe Bags can be rolled and tied together for simple, compact carrying and storage. RuMe Bags are small enough to fit in a purse or glove compartment – their patent pending enclosure system enables three bags to roll up to about the size of your cup of coffee.

In comparison with other reusable bags that I've tried these are BY FAR the most sturdy, and hold the most groceries. I used to use regular canvas totes. But the trouble with my canvas bags is they don't fit comfortably over my shoulder, or fit nearly the amount of these RuMe bags.

Here is what I ran out for the other day and was able to fit it all in ONE RuMe bag....

With RuMe bags the long handle leaves room so you can hike it up over your shoulder using only one arm (leaving the other free to clutch keys/accept change/hold on to an energetic toddler).

Buy It: Want to do something good for the environment and look great while you're at it? The RuMe Bag (3 for $29), a brilliant new carry-all designed for use again and again. RuMe bags are generously sized to hold up to 50 pounds, yet they roll up to just 6"x2"x3" and velcro closed to fit anywhere. "RuMes" come in a variety of summery prints and streamlined solids, ensuring you always look great at the grocery store, the park, the gym...wherever!

Lynda the owner of Delight [dot] com would like to offer a 15% discount to our
readers for a set of RuMe bags (or anything else on Delight.) use the coupon code: SimpleDelight which is good until June 4th.

[Mason and Terris babbling Mama]


  1. Elizabeth, Mason's editing job creeped me out at first, til I looked closer! It looked like you were cut in half or had only one leg or something!!

  2. HAHA! yea that pic is freaky looking. cute bags! very similar to the envirosax. I like them!! :-)
    owh organic raisins... yum! :-) dont you love lowes food :-) or wait! no thats food lion or bloom!

  3. Another great reusable bag made to check out is Hero Bags with lots of styles & shapes to choose from and they're made in the USA out of eco-friendly materials like recycled cotton.


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