Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bob the Builder: Can-Do Zoo Game

My kids are drawn to computers..... so why not teach them how to use the computer using educational games and websites.

Recently we were given the Bob the Builder: Can-Do Zoo by Brighter Minds Media to try out. Once the CD was in, the kids had fun playing interactive games. My daughter (4yrs old) isn't a computer wiz but she easily navigated by herself through the different games, even showing her brother how to play them!! (Although they got a little disturbed that on a pattern game they couldn't color the fence whatever color they wanted.... hmm need to work on patterns.)

The kids were immediately drawn to it because it contains Bob, #1 the lovable character among preschoolers from PBS!! But I liked the edutainment value it had!!!! Through the interactive games there are 7 different skills that are taught:

*Pattern recognition
*Hand-eye coordination
*Shape and color identification
*Spatial recognition
*Planning and time sequencing
*Problem solving

Winner of the 2008 Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine!!!

Play It: Let your preschoolers build and learn with Bob!!! Currently you can download the game at Beanstalk Games and play as soon as it downloads:) The game will be available on CD in August 2008!!!


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