Friday, July 18, 2008

Wood Letters and Scrapbook Paper

Who loves craft projects? I certainly do. Everytime I would go into Michael's I would see these type of letters made up. And I just fell in love with them. I was bound and dertermined to figure out how it was done so I could do it for Ethan's room. I scrapbook so I alreadh had paper picked out. Things to buy: letters (mine were wood color), white paint, and Mod Podge.

1. Painted the letters all white.

2. Traced letters onto back of paper.

3. Ripped the edges of the paper. You do not have to do this...but I liked the look of it. It was kind of hard to do because the letters were skinny and small.

4. Inked the edge of the letters.

5. Painted the Mod Podge onto the wood letters and stuck down the paper letters.

6. Painted the Mod Podge over the top of the paper. Be careful because the ink will smear. I liked it to smear alittle but not alot. So just gently brush the Mod Podge on top of it.

7. Let it fully dry. Be sure to look and make sure the paper fully is stuck down. Make sure there are no air bubbles too.



  1. HOW COOL!
    I have to do this for my best friend's son!!

    cute Cute..

  2. I love this project idea. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Oh, oh, oh, I love it! I am draw to those wooden letters, too, but wasn't quite sure how to make them 'mine'. Now I know. Thanks for the tip

  4. I LOVE IT!

    I did the letters with Terri and hot glued (coordinating)ribbon to the back to appear as if they are hung by the bows!

    (With Masons letters I painted them in primary colors and sanded the edges for an antique look)

    Might be "borrowing" your idea for the next baby!!! ;-)

  5. This is great to provide craft ideas on this site! I get (semi)inspired seeing everyone else's creativity, I'm glad this is something I could totally do! Thanks!

  6. I love these! I wanted to get my kids some painted letters but they are $$. I think I could do these instead! Mahalo!

  7. i just did this for my daughter, thanks for such an awesome idea!


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