Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Healthier option at BK

We occasionally go out to eat with my boys... and as an organic food nut I like to offer healthier options to my boys. Although we do not always stick to our healthy food plan.. we do strive for it if at all possible.

Whenever we'd go to fast foods joints though we had no luck. The only semi healthy option we found in most fast food places were the salads. My boys wont even TOUCH a salad... let along eat it. I wish they would but they wont.

I am thrilled to announce that Burger King now has a healthier option besides french fries. This fun new item is also very fun and eye appealing to children.

They're called BK Apple Fries!

The apples are shaped like french fries! Without all the grease and fat of course :-)

We went to our local BK and ordered the kids the new mac and cheese kid meal.. as well as the apple fries. I am not lying when I say that my kids LOVED THEM!

My 18 mo. is notorious for loving fries... but this day he didnt even reach for them. He went for the apple fries.. and ate an entire container of them. We didnt have to force him to eat them at all.

So next time you treat the kiddos to a fun day at BK. Order the APPLE FRIES. I assure you they will love them. If not ship them my way... :-) cause ours sure would like more!

Buy It: You can purchase the new BK Apple fries as well as the new Kraft Mac and Cheese meals at any Burger King. Enjoy!



  1. I noticed the add for those apple fries and thought that was pretty neato! I'll have to give those a try with my kiddos.

    We are trying not to eat out as much, but it is good to know there are healthy options out there for when we do.

    Thanks for the info! Jenn

  2. We dont eat Burger King often but since the apple fries came around I notice I tend to stop there more often than McD's now because there are more apple fries then apple dippers. More for you money you might say :)

  3. Nice it's about time the fast food Co think about health of our next genaration to come!!!!


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