Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thomas & Friends: Special Delivery

Brighter Minds is an educational publisher dedicated to improving learning for children aged 3 to 12. A company based out of Columbus, Ohio and Toronto, Canada have been publishing award winning software (and print materials) since 1998. Brighter Minds gave my 5 year old the opportunity to try the Thomas & Friends: Special Delivery game. He loved it. An interactive game that can be played by himself or with me. I have to pull him away. Its a game that pervokes his imagination while teaching basic skills; like Shape sorting, Color matching,Logic and deduction, Observation, Memory skills, Following Directions,Telling Time and Counting.

**Game Description**
"Join Thomas & Friends on a brand new adventure across the Island of Sodor as they try to deliver some very special cargo. James is asked to make an important delivery to the zoo, but he gets lost along the way. Sir Topham Hatt sends a search party to look for him. Can you help Thomas and Harold find James and get him and the animals to the zoo on time?"

System Requirements:
  • Windows XP, Vista
  • 256MB free RAM
  • DirectX 9 compataible Video Card

Brighter Minds media also offers other wonderful and interactive games weather it be for or pleasure, learning, or just to enhance your child's educational experience; like 30 minutes a day learning system. I personally would love this since I've been hitting a wall doing Masons homeschool reading program. I don't know if its the sing, spell, read to write program itself, or if its my teaching method. I do plan to send him to school next month but I would LOVE if he was a bit further along in his reading.

Buy It: Visit Brighter Minds media and get your own copy of Thomas and Friends" Special Delivery.

While on the site check out the "free stuff" button on the main page!! If you register your product, they'll send you more!!

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